imageThere are so many gems about writing in the LA Stage Times article “Writing From the Gut: Instinct, Imagination, Determination” by Velina Hasu Houston, I don’t even know where to start…

This must-read narrative by one of my favorite playwrights (though I must confess I do have the privilege of being acquainted with Houston in real life) tackles questions and experiences that I think most writers face today – playwright or not:

  • the balance of creating art in face of expectations to be new and/or different
  • absorbing sources of information and creating art from knowledge and inspiration
  • facing the challenges of technology as it weaves itself into our art as much as it seems to be in duel with it

I am inspired by Houston’s opening:

When I was 20, I did not worry about writing something “new” or “different” in subject matter or form, although my work often was perceived as such. I still do not concern myself with a quest for something different. Then and now, I wrote and write to write, period. -VHH

As well as this:

We write with knowledge enriched by the people with whom we engage and by the roads we travel. We read, visit places, view media, and engage with individuals who feed our spirit, thereby helping us to nurture and cultivate artistic expression. -VHH

There is a certain passion – a heart – in writing.  I think when we think too much about the act, we lose the focus that comes from that natural rhythm of creating and creation.  I think it’s easy to lose track, though, because the beat isn’t steady and part of the rhythm is encountering how often you can stumble, how often you need to reach out or in for more substance to express ideas.  But there’s a love for it – or we wouldn’t do this, right?

Read the article on the LA Stage Times website.