I inaugurate the blog aspect of my writing website after having just come from a panel about Writing and the Internet. Technically, the panel was prefaced with “The Best of Times…” and I can’t help but agree. As a writer whose professional career

is being a consultant for the web, I find that the Internet is filled with such great opportunity.

There are so many changes abound with the publishing/book industry and the news industry – and in any time of change, there is opportunity to become a part of something new, like a phoenix rising from the ash. Well, maybe not exactly the phoenix, but at the very least aiming to be the glimmer of fire that rises with its flight.

So I look forward to being a writer in these times: with the ebook industry getting on steadier feet (and the ipad on pre-order), with the writer that has to stretch beyond the covers, pages, and words of their work to make their passions known, with more great unknowns waiting to be discovered.