Mused - Summer 2011, Volume 5, Issue 2 - CoverI am celebrating the first day of summer with my poem “Good Night” being published in the Summer Solstice 2011 edition of Mused, the BellaOnline Literary Review.

I wrote this poem awhile ago and found it a month or two ago as I was rifling through my files for submissions.  I’ve always loved this poem as it intersects with a number of things I think about in writing both prose and song – dreams, belief, conflict, loss, and strength.  I was thinking yesterday that while it is about rising up and leaving into the brightness of the day, it is also about accepting the dark spaces – about finding the “good” in “good night”…a grittier perspective that I’m not sure I really saw when I finished this poem.

While the story I tell here has no gender (and should have no gender), I have been lately confronted by stories of women who have had to confront different types of trials that require overcoming, from infidelity to life changes to loss from death.  As a woman and a poet, I find that dialogue in this poem and so I’m very glad that Mused and is the place where this poem found its home.

Excerpt – “Good Night” by Charity C. Tran

I am a dreamer
awake in sleep
untangling myself
from the web
of my own dream catcher…  
Full poem available here.

Hope you enjoy this one.