I love beautiful sentences, particularly openings.  The hardest thing in this shrinking attention-span world is grabbing someone from the get-go.  So I was very pleased to read this opening in a review of Robert Johnson’s The Centennial Collection in Paste Magazine:

Robert Johnson’s life was not very long or well documented. We know the facts of his biography—where he was born, who he married, where he roamed—but don’t know very much about the man himself, at least not the way we know artists like Elvis Presley or Ray Charles or Johnny Cash—men who left extensive records of themselves and their demons. By contrast, Johnson remains something of a ghost: a smiling face in an old promotional photo, unreadable and unfathomable. – Stephen M. Deuser, Paste Magazine

Doesn’t it just speak of mystery?  A shadow overshadowed by fact-filled comparisons of larger and life musicians?  Good job Stephen M. Deuser.