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Original Ballet Cast of "Sleeping Beauty"

Today was Peter Tchaikovsky’s birthday and my Tweet/Status for today (or well, one of them!) was:

Happy 170th Birthday Tchaikovsky! 🙂 I will always remember how I immediately fell in love with your “Pathetique” when I was a kid.

Among the myriad of music I grew up listening to, classical music was always the one that fascinated me the most – the mixture of sounds that was supposed to evoke ideas and emotions. Perhaps the fascination came from this inherent understanding that I could never hear every sound, that each time I listened I heard something new.

Tchaikovsky first drifted into my consciousness with The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, and so life also presented his work hand-in-hand with dance – seen on TV, the music understood as part of a story.

Music as story is an idea that’s never left me.

I often say that

If writing is the love of my life, then music is an ongoing love affair.

The story conveyed perfectly in music is so tantalizing – its possibility to become a part of the soundtrack of someone’s life. I fall in love with stories, sure, but when the story is music and it finds a home in life? There’s a magic there that always amazes me.

My friend John commented regarding my mention of Pathetique: “My favorite piece of his as well, although the suicidal tone should probably be worrisome…”

But I’ve never taken that piece for any “suicidal tone”. There’s so much life to it.

And that’s one of the things I love most about all stories – perspectives shaded by differences…