I’m not quite sure what to think about Klout scores as of yet – not quite decisive over how much it matters or fully quantifies/qualifies your online presence.  My main klout account is synched to my intellichick twitter account over my charitytran one, given the more randomness of its subject matter.  My intellichick klout score (a decent 53-57 range) there says that I’m influential about “los angeles” “charities” and “vegetables.”


But as I apparently influence my alter ego (or is it vice-versa?), I can also see my klout under my unsynched charitytran account.  Maybe because it’s not infused with randomness, that I try to make it a funnel reflecting the more focused side of me that I think it probably says more about me than the alter ego that absorbs everything:


Poems, Creativity, Magic?  That summation is better than any numeric score.