What's That?Save Your Christian Marriage

=”5″ vpsace=”5″/>I’m currently sitting at the beautiful Getty Center. It’s a beautiful sunny, breezy day – fulfilling the California/Los Angeles stereotype of envy. I was taking a break from reviewing policy documents (the day job) and having lunch when I overheard a writer talking to his father. He talked about the book he was working on and he was sitting here to get a better sense of place for an element in his book.

Which got me to thinking about writers and written observations about locations. How much is too much? How little too little? It’s always been one of my biggest challenges as a writer, to say that I communicated fully the details of a place. As a reader, there are times when I find some writers to describe too much – “I get it, they’re at the beach!” – and others where I am amazed at how much a writer can convey in just a sentence.

As I sit here on a beautiful L.A. day, the blue of the sky radiating like kin to the sun, the breeze welcoming and chilly all at once – should I be talking about my organic Jasmine tea instead?