I’ve dabbled in the idea of the podcast or in podcast-related projects.  Mainly I worked a bit on scripting with a project my friend J. Marcus Xavier created called Silent Universe and I’ve worked with radio scripts in a class once.  I’m huge fan of radio as a story medium (This American Life, anyone?) and am a card-carrying member of my local NPR station (yay kcrw!) so I love radio as a conversational space and forum, but me being a podcaster? Well, that was always something I’ve considered, but never really done.  So I figure, like this blog and like a lot of writing, why not?

So, here goes…my first podcast entitled “Three Poems”:

I apologize in advance for my “um’s” and “you know’s”.  I would also appreciate any feedback, suggestions, and I’m more than receptive to questions!  Just contact me!

Podcast: [powerpress url=”″]Three Poems – | Download