I just finished up some writing at my parents’ house while listening to my old tapes – yes, tapes. Remember those? In this digital medium age, I had to curb my desire to automatically “skip songs”, a mentality no doubt gathered from having an MP3 Player and usually listening to music on iTunes – even on basic Pandora and Yahoo Radio, you’re allowed to skip some songs.

But to skip a song on a cassette – it’s even more strenuous than skipping a song on a record player (I own one of those too) – and of course, so I didn’t. Not out of a sheer laziness (maybe a little bit), but because it wasn’t my main focus. And as I ended up not skipping that Belinda Carlisle song I wasn’t familiar with, I found that I actually was enjoying the song, and really listening to the lyrics to the song than if I had been listening on my iPod.

So it got me to thinking – how much do people really listen anymore? As a writer, I would hope that my work is read and as a hobby musician, it’s super nice when someone actually listens to my music. But I know the truth in today’s product saturated digital age: the odds of people hearing you are slim pickings.

I’ve long learned that you can’t change other people, the only person you can change is yourself. So I’m going to try to be a better listener, a better absorber of the world, becaus I can’t help but think it’ll make me a better person and artist.