Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

Digital Divide: Poems Now Available on Kindle

My technology poems chapbook Digital Divide: Poems is now available on Kindle:

The current price is 99-cents, but if you’re a Kindle owner, you can also borrow it for free in their lending program. The following is my submitted book description:

Charity C. Tran’s series of poems touch on moments of how we exist with technology. From the blurry (and blurring) line between our on-line and off-line selves to the experiences we might not have without technology to thinking perhaps we might be better off without it, Ms. Tran’s poems reflect both serious and humorous thoughts, giving us pause to think about how we exist in a world of social media, technology, and each other.

But since you’re here, here’s a little more information.

The chapbook features 23 poems. Two are inspired by people who have since passed away – my dear friend and mentor Bobby Salcedo (Be “Back Soon”) and the tragic story of Private Danny Chen (An Invisible Handshake) who I learned about in a New York Magazine article share. A number are inspired by how we interact with social media and each other (or perhaps how social media defines us as much as we define it). I have references to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Foursquare (Disenchantment; Sound Barrier Pt. I; That Which We Call A Rose; Dinner in Real Time, UNYPL; The Last Word in a Song of Sorts). In a few poems I also look at our engagement with technology beyond social media (Sunsets; 22 Stories High I Pause at 21; What is a Mouse?).

An audio version of this collection is forthcoming.

If you’re interested in reviewing a copy or just sending me some feedback, feel free to contact me.