In August 2010, I wrote a letter to Bobby Salcedo, one of my mentors, who passed away as a victim of senseless violence.  Today I was inspired to write another letter.  This one seemed more aptly titled “A Letter to My Friend,” but as you can see – he’ll always be a mentor to me. -cct

Dear Bobby,

I think about you all the time, but today in particular, I thought about you twice.

In the morning, I was thinking about how proud you’d be of all of our academic endeavors and successes.  About Dee going back to school.  About Nereida graduating.  About how if I ever finish this doctorate, it’d really be because of you.

And – silly as it sounds – I thought about you while watching Bones just now.  A  character passed away innocently at the hands of someone else, someone without a heart, without a concern for who they might be taking away.  Maybe because of this story and the current political climate (and what I wouldn’t give to have a long conversation with you about the political climate right now!), I found myself emotionally caught up for the first time in awhile about you.  I know we’ve done so much in your memory, but it destroys me a little knowing the people who took you away had no idea what they were doing.  It destroys me a lot knowing that those people might never get caught.

You were larger than life, you know?  And I still don’t quite believe that you’re gone.  I mean, after all, the freeway naming is official, the scholarships in your name have contributed to changing lives, and here I am writing a letter to you in my writing blog referencing a Bones episode.  So, no, I’m assuming you’re having a nice laugh at this letter somewhere.  And you laughing?  That’s the side of you I remember the most…the best.

I miss you, Bobby.