The following are a selection of conferences where I have been a panelist and/or presenter:

  • November 2012 – Railvolution: Hollywood, CA
    • Rail~Volution and Metro Present: Geo-Social Interactive Map and Mobile App
  • May 2011 – Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Connections Conference: Los Angeles, CA
    • Spreading the Word in Today’s Tech Savvy World
  • March 2009 – Main Street National Conference: Chicago, IL
    • Engaging the Community with Social Networking
  • February 2009 – Historic Downtown Retail Project Workshop: Los Angeles, CA
    • Internet Marketing for Your Business
  • August 2008 – National Arts Marketing Project Workshop: Los Angeles, CA
    • Shoestring Success Stories: Facing Marketing Challenges/Idea Exchange
  • June 2008 – American Library Association Annual Conference: Anaheim, CA
    • The Business of Culture and the Culture of Business
  • June 2006 – Main Street National Conference: New Orleans, LA
    • Wi-Fi: A Sense of Place
  • May 2006 – W2i Digital Cities Convention: Los Angeles, CA
    • “ExperienceLA Wi-Fi” on the Neighborhood Portals Track