cctredesignOne of my favorite things about the WordPress platform is how quickly you can transform your site into something new.  So I present to you a new site design!  It features

  • My consistent love of the black, white, and red color scheme.  For my co-worker Tiina’s sake, it’s more of a red-orange!
  • Sliding Feature Boxes

My former roommates can assure you that I am a compulsive furniture mover (sorry future husband), primarily because I always like to change things up and rethink my spaces.  Just because we exist in the same space doesn’t mean we can’t rethink it in a new way!  Granted, websites have a little bit more flexibility than a living room. 

One of my other favorite things about WordPress is that it helps me re-engage with my programming brain.  I’m not a programmer, but as a digital strategist it’s important for me to remember the role of the developer, the tasks they have on-hand.  It’s important for me to do this to deepen my understanding, create a better dialogue, and ultimately create a deeper respect.  I know some amazing developers and I am in awe everyday of all the things they can do that I cannot.  Magic happens also because of the synergy of people working together.  Collaboration is one of my favorite things and I think the occasional site face-lift helps me remember how much more can be accomplished with teamwork!

In any case, I would love your thoughts and any suggestions!