Kindle Cover for Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

Kindle Cover for Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

My next preview poem from Digital Divide is about the tension in experiencing events while trying to capture them with our technology. Have you tried to record a music performance you’re watching? Taken a photo? Have you looked at that video or photo again after that? I think too often we try to capture time, sound, images, and while it’s great to have that history, we also lose the magic in that moment.

The following poem is also inspired by my time as a chorus member in the annual Los Angeles Bach Festival and a choir member at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

Sound Barrier Pt. I

Listen to time
in sound
in the moments

The tuning of the orchestra
the practice of the choir
Bach in imperfection
Bach in seeking perfection

Sound accumulated time
leading to this moment
you may be watching
on a YouTube video
with crackled sound

Or perhaps
perfectly recorded
in renegade
as you
fail to soak in the sound
the church historic
the music and the stain glass
the church and its organ pipes
welcoming song
transforming worship space to
worship music space

Where were you in this moment
in its magic
flummoxing with the record button
balancing the screen with tiring arms
hearing, but not listening
as so many before

Dona nobis pacem

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