Kindle Cover for Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

Kindle Cover for Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

My chapbook “Digital Divide: Poems releases this Friday, April 6th. For the next few days I’ll be previewing poems from this collection of poetry related to my observations and experiences with technology – many of which involve our use social media and the Internet.

I start this preview with the chapbook’s title poem Digital Divide. Often the phrase refers to a lack of access to technology, of a social and economical inequality, but in this collection I’ve been trying to pull apart how technology divides our experiences, contributes to our self and social definition.

Digital Divide

by Charity C. Tran

I was here
You were here
We were there together

It happened
Even if one day
I might forget
It happened
Because it was
And Lagituded

But in that definition of memory
In that definition of you
Of you and me
I pause –
Peeling away these properties:

Is it now unmade?
Were we there?
Are we only a picture
In our minds –
Privy to forget
Privy to forgot
Lost wrinkle in time?

And one day
When it escapes you
When I cannot remember
The things unpinned
The remarkable unmarkable
The detail of your hand
The memory of your touch
Is it gone
Or was it never there to begin?

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