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hey share the best stuff…which lets me share with you! This one’s from writer/poet Jennifer Sky (one of the few FB peeps I’ve never met):

The Bookopticon | Culture | Vanity Fair.

The above link is almost unassuming because it shows a quick blurb and then a “six degrees of separation-esque” map, but the interactive nature of the map does well to illustrate the blurb: “To become a literary star, having talent helps, but so does carving out a place in the tangled, incestuous web of the publishing world.

Click through each author and you’ll see “Connecting The Dots” which can discuss anything from business relationships to family to romance.

Being a USC Trojan, I know very well the power of a “family” network, so I don’t doubt that being “in-the-know” is helpful in the industry. But I also want to emphasize that while a writer should keep their contacts because fostering relationships is always great/helpful, connectivity with your audience and understanding your audience can go great lengths in making your talent known as well.