Bobby Salcedo Wearing a Hat of Dodger Stadium Food Trays

Taken at a Dodger game. The girls were throwing peanuts and Bobby made use of the Dodgers Stadium food trays.

Today my friend Bobby Salcedo would have turned 36-years-old. His memory always reminds me that anything is possible and that life is amazing and shouldn’t be taken for granted. I recently wrote him a poem that will appear in my upcoming chapbook Digital Divide. There’s something about his Facebook picture that has always resonated with me in its truth, its irony, and its humor. I miss him a lot and he inspires me every day. Happy Birthday, Bobby. -cct

Be “Back Soon”

for Bobby Salcedo

Your image says that you’ll be
“Back Soon”
No matter the photos
We’ve added along the way
In memoriam
No matter our states
Of mind
Of heart
Of hurt

That remember you
Your image says that you’ll be
“Back Soon”
You always had a sense of humor
You always made us laugh
That image echoes
Of you
Taken away
Too soon
Taken from us
Too fast –
Too sudden –
But it breathes of your life
And reminds us of your laugh