Rejection Stamp

Oh Rejection. Friend and Enemy.

Courtesy of fellow writer Erika (follow her on Twitter: @ErikaLT):

Chicago Tribune’s blog post on the Top 10 Most-Used Phrases in Rejection Letters!

My favorite:

3. “Please consider entering our contest as an alternative, with the entry fee of….” Bushleague! It says “you’re on okay-enough writer, but we’d rather have your money, kthanksbai.” Ouch factor: 2

I’ve never actually gotten the above, but I thought it was pretty funny.

My favorite personal rejection story? I never got a letter – I had to log into the website to find out they didn’t want my work. Sometimes rejection letters can be a blessing, at least you know. They didn’t reject you in silence or I guess in my case, have me find out from a “friend”. 🙂