Kindle Cover for Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

Kindle Cover for Digital Divide: Poems by Charity Tran

I have been working on a poetry chapbook entitled Digital Divide for the past year with it wrapping up this past month. The chapbook will touch on topics related to digital spaces, technology, social media, and online vs. offline experiences. I will have two poems that were first published on this blog, dedicated to Bobby Salcedo (Be “Back Soon”) and Pvt. Danny Chen (An Invisible Handshake) available in this volume as well, given that one touches on Bobby’s facebook picture and the other that I learned about Pvt. Chen through an article online.

I hope with this collection that I touch upon how we interface with digital technology in our lives – how it changes our perception, takes us away from real life while also drawing us closer in ways we can’t accomplish face-to-face.

This poetry chapbook – perhaps ironically – will be released on Kindle on April 6th 2012. If you’re interested in receiving a notification of its release, check back here, like me on facebook, or sign up for my mailing list:

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