You know what makes me mad? Book banning. If parents have a problem with a book, the solution is not to ban it. The solution is to read it and explain what the parent thinks is inappropriate about it. If you don’t like the “foul” language, express that you hope your kids don’t talk this way and why this language should not be spoken (odds are they already do and they already know why, but hey – give them the benefit of the doubt). If you don’t like the sexual behavior, explain to them the pro’s and con’s of dangerous sexual behavior and tell them that

perhaps the book characters are not considering the con’s (and if they are and there are consequences – because hey, you were a concerned parent who read the book – then point those things out). 

Books are containers of lessons and foundations for dialogue.  Stories have long told us why not to do things, way before they were rewritten and rehashed as animated blockbuster fairy tales. 

Inspired by reading this CNN post and then subsequently the “reasons” in this one.