PresentsUsually I write a song every year to my nearest and dearest, but given how many I have written and time constraints this season, I ended up writing the following poem instead. I share this poem below and wish everyone belated season’s greetings and a wonderful new year. -cct

by Charity C. Tran

You are a gift
Brought by life’s crazy lines
Crossing and intersecting
For infinite possibilities shade
The paths that we’ve walked on
Like trees that line an ancient avenue

In how many ways
Might you and I have never met?
In how many ways
Is it remarkable that I have you in my life?

You are remarkable

Sit beneath the shade of the trees with me
Kick up some dirt on life’s uneven pavement
Share with me some laughter and smiles
I promise I appreciate your time
And I am thankful for your wonderfulness

As I look to the past
My eyes rest on the present
And, feeling like the shifting face of Janus,
I draw my eyes also to the future

I do not often predict tomorrow
But from the past emerges a clarity
I cannot dare to deny:
You are a gift
Coloring the future in beauty
And I will always want for you
All the great joys and gifts of life